4 People You Must Forgive To Move Forward

You don't know how to let go, follow this tips and you be out of your hurts...

4 People You Must Forgive To Move Forward
A simple apology is what is required

Oops! You are hurt! It pains so hard! You find it hard to forgive! It's a fact of great importance that you let go of your pain to move ahead of your present state in life.

Your current demise is your attitude of "un-forgiveness" and the charisma to let go of that pain. You must agree with me that Biblically it is a grievous sin to the body "your mind" and the Spirit of God to abhor hatred in you.

To be explicit, please note that the power of "un-forgiveness" that leads to "hatred" can jeopardize who you are and what you've built in life, if you conceive "Hate" and do not let go.

Do you want to move on to a next better phase in life? Or you want to hold on to the past and let it ruin your destiny?

Here are four basic people amongst many others you must "forgive" and "forget" of your hurt to move on to your next greater phase of life;

#1  Your Parent

Biblically, it's keen to forgive and human to let go of your hurt of your parent. It is written;

"Honour thy Father and Mother,

So thy days maybe prosperous".

Your parent has been placed as your guardian on earth, irrespective of their supposed maltreatment at you...what is required of you is your endurance and believe but not HATE, this is a stage in life that will go off, but rather i employ you in that period you show love no matter the pain. Perhaps you should acknowledge the fact they brought you to life. Don't tame your future with complaints and regrets. Consider being happy for you are Alive, then take the step of forgiven their misdeeds and build a better relationship with them.

Pick up your phone! Call them! Tell them you sorry and you've forgiven them, that simple act of courage will definitely have a keen effect on them and you live happily with them for the rest of their lives.

But if you don't forgive them, you restrict so many good fortunes, remain a child and continue to see yourself in the guilt of your predicament.

#2 Intimate Relationship

As a human, you've been in an intimate personal relationship of previous marriages or relationships that didn't turn out well. The intensity of these previous relationships and it hurts already have a stigma on you, you probably don't know of it. It also affects your Self-esteem. Being able to 'let go' gives you the strength you have lost to move on and makes you responsible. The memory of the hurt will diminish with time if you say the words: " I am sorry, i forgive you for everything that ever happened and i wish you good fortune in life".

#3. Letting Go

Your high school mate had this offensive jokes he cracks at you all the time, you couldn't bear anymore then you consciously or prior to your ignorance develop hatred for every bad moment put you through. You try forgiving him but each time you try, flashes of memory of the bad things he did or had done becomes visible. If you can't woke up to him, you could go by this method;

It works this way; sit down and write to your friend a "letter of forgiveness". It consists of three parts:

First, you say: " I forgive you for everything you ever did that hurt me"

Second, put down a list of what he has done that makes you mad about.

Third, you end the letter with the words, " I wish you Success".

Take the letter to the mailbox, forward to him. At that instance, you feel relief. His/Her response after receiving and reading the letter doesn't become your problem for you have erred your view and forgiven him.

Clean your state of mind and move on for the next schedule in your agenda.

#4. Redeem Yourself

This part is also crucial for you to move forward. "You hold the key to your freedom". If you are not at ease with yourself, then you have got a major problem that no one except you can solve.

You must be absolutely free of your misdoings like abuses, senseless act, irrational attitudes, wickedness and so many other things done in the past. 

Note: It's the past and now the present.

You were an immature version of the person you have now become with experience. Stop beating yourself up for something that occurred in the past that you can't alter.

If at some point you hurt someone in the past that still hunt you, be of good courage to meet the person and request for His/Her apology. It won't take anything from you but rather add a lot to your race in Life.

You wouldn't and can't move forward in Life if you aren't at ease with yourself and don't learn to Love, Forgive and Forget your wrongs and that of others.