5 Reasons Why Your Man Don't Stick To You

Every woman thinks that men are cheat but the basic truth is that "you" are the reason why "he" cheats...

5 Reasons Why Your Man Don't Stick To You
Image shows how he makes his moves around her

Why does my boyfriend looks out for other girls? Or why does my husband have an affair? Here are questions most women and ladies ask but don't get an answer. This might sound so harsh but dear, you are the cause of every reasons he goes out looking for an affair.

You are in the right place and reading the right article.

The fact of your man not sticking with you is an issue that can be resolved, if you consider these reasons to be worked on which are;

#1  Bad Behaviour

You are a woman or a lady who snub, nag or abuse to every single word your man alters, you give a million reasons why he is wrong and such reasons and replies comes with an abusive words. Some men will bear the shit you display to an extent and then when you reach your limit...he therefore leave you, go on a vacation and stay put with a girl who will make him peaceful. Not really that he doesn't love you but his woman or lady is going Crazy because he doesn't understand her.

Most men will not put up with the nonsense, so he files for a divorce with you or breaks up with you, if you dating or rather he brings other girls to have fun with him in the home just to forget the mysteries you put him through or either goes out drinking to stupo and flirting with girls.  In order to end this, you have to check behaviours of yours that piss him or makes him angry making him not to be comfortable being with you.

#2  Bad Sex

Your sex life with your man means a great deal to him. Your unsatisfied sexual pleasure to your man is the major reason why he isn't sticking with you. When your man isn't getting his sexual satisfaction for reasons he can't explain "Why" or his woman also won't explain "Why", it makes him go crazy therefore looking out for some lady who will satisfy him.

Most guys enjoy their woman being wild during sex using different sex patterns that will act as a stimulant for intense satisfactory orgasm. While a few guys are just for the simple sexual intimacy. The solution is understanding the sexual intimacy your man loves and giving it to him and not depriving him of his sexual desires.

#3  Unattractive Dressing 

Most women miss it out here thinking that since she his married and got kids that the matter of sex in the relationship is ended, so therefore dress in an unattractive way, it could be at night or when alone with her man or as a lady who has a boyfriend dress in a way that remind her guy of his grandmother, this will make you less attractive to him. Every guy love their lady to be always attractive that will stimulate the urge of sex thereby making him not to look out for other attractive girls, for his lady has got what he needs in a woman and pleases him with it.

#4  Bad Odour

If you are a lady or woman if the case may be that doesn't shave off hairs in some of your body parts like the armpit that stimulate into bad odour...it is " Wrong" of you or perhaps you shave, it is necessary that you put on a particular nice body fragrance like perfume that will make you smell nice always to him.

Make sure your body perfume as a good smell and one particular fragrance of perfume, reasons as to this is to make him;

I. Identify you of it anywhere he perceive it

II. Get a sexual arousement of you

III. Thereby craving to see you

You should give your man a reason to always want you anywhere he goes.

#5  Unattractive Body Physic

Goosh! This might sound weird to most ladies or women but guys either married or dating are always excited to see you and to present you to his friends being boastful of you only when you maintain an attractive physic like;

I. Keeping a flat Tommy always

II. Maintaining a good body size

III. Keeping a dashing gorgeous body

III. Packaging and improving your sensitive body parts to be more attractive and many more.

Most ladies or women neglect this particular fact not knowing that guys generally love an attractive body physic and they crave for it. If you don't maintain your body physic by exercising daily or other ways, your man will surely look else where for a woman who does maintain hers.

These are very important reasons that need not be neglected in order to keep your man stick with you.