7 Things To Know When A Guy Doesn't Like You

You don't have to fall victim of his lies anymore!

7 Things To Know When A Guy Doesn't Like You

Seriously! You need to be cognizance of these point as a girl to put you straight about his intentions and likewise get rid of him on time before you fall prey to his scam?. As a girl, not all guys that say "I love you" really meant his words, most likely do say the words to get to you, not actually that he meant his love declaration.

It is right about the time that girls stop falling prey for a guy who doesn't like you but pretends too, because he wants what his between your legs or perhaps what you carry on your chest?.

Hardly, you see a guy that says: "I love you" and he means his words.

As a girl, how do I know when a guy doesn't like me? Here are a few points to take note off.

His first approach

His first approach often can be determined by his 'maiden speech', most guys won't ignore you, if he notices you like him while he doesn't, rather than letting you know of his 'no feelings' for you, he prefers getting to you and dumping you as a harlot. You shouldn't fall for his scam! It's only a few guys that open up to you to tell you that "He his actually not interested in you".

A guy who doesn't like you, in his first approach will demonstrate a portentous attitude. For example saying words that he doesn't mean like:" Goosh! You damn beautiful, can I have your number" or "Here is my card, call me when you get home for I have something for you" or "I can't resist looking at you, your beauty captivate me...can I know you?".

If perhaps you guys talk well but it's all friendship, probably as some point you as a girl begin to develop feelings and he notice it, few guys who really don't like u, will keep the relationship mutual while most will take advantage of your feelings.

Un ending calls

Watch it Girls! Guys who rings your cellular every minute of the day, they usually have an interior motive pretending to care when they don't, by their call they look to achieve the aim of putting a feeling in your head of " you having to think he likes you". Here are few lie detector calls:

Genuine call: "Hi dear, how is your day going just call to know if you okay"

Fake call: "Hi babe, what's up? Can we have some together time, lets go get a drink?"

The genuine guys always sound caring, disturbed when he notice a change in you and most times throw himself at your disposal should incase you need him.

The other guys with a fake motive are always agitated, pestering, inviting and unruly because he his so anxious to get to you quickly before you detect his scam.

Invitation over

So many girls are a victim of this, a guy who doesn't like a girl always want to or insist for an alone time most especially in the dead night when he sure has no intentions of "asking her out". Beware of guys who invite you over to his house or at a club, they sure have a way of luring you to do what you don't want to do if you guys are alone. Some , if they can't resist you anymore, will force you out of your will. 

Come to think of it, you just met a guy and he his already inviting you over to his house, what does that mean to you? That's a red danger zone!

A guy who really likes you, will slow his pace, try to know you better, invite you over and then ask you out on a date.

Watch his words

You can tell of a guy by his words, if he likes or do not like you. Guys who pretends to like you use words like: " lets have some nice time together when you come over" or "whatever you want, I will do it for you just come over". They are always making mention of either sex, giving reference to your sensitive parts.

You keep asking yourself why does he ask question like: " what size of pant do i wear?". This is probably because he doesn't like you but want to have something intimate with you...he therefore does that to stare up your hormones to feel things you don't wanna feel in order for you to have the sex feeling whenever you see him.

He doesn't care

At the initials of your relationship, he was the best caring guy you've ever got but of recent you become a myths, demonstrating weird and anonying characters and that is because you have given him what he was lusting over. Guys who doesn't like you almost always over-exaggerate in their words just to get to you, you can either be his booty-call or soulmate - it's your call. If you like a guy and doesn't reciprocate your feeling, you have got to let him go and look out for "the guy" who will love you for who you are.

The idea of being patience with him or I can't leave him because I  love him is totally wrong, indeed there are quite a few good guys but you sure get the best of them if you let go of the bad to find the good.

Unruly behaviours

The good guy you once knew is now your worst enemy demonstrating weird and annoying characters that he doesn't do before why? This is because you gave him what he desired at the initial stage of the relationship "sex" and now he his satisfied of his 'lust desire' of you, doesn't need you anymore and begin to go out flirty, barely give you his time and go insultive whenever you try talking a change to him.

A denial of that sexual urge he felt at the initial stage that was making him overwhelm you with 'charming words' just to get to you, would have placed you as a tough one to get and in so doing, respect you  and value you as not his play toy but as his gem.

He lies a lot

Here is another lie detectant of a guy who doesn't like you, for they lie to cover their tracks just to retain his relationship with you and that of his concubines outside. Most at times, watch it!, the words he speaks don't often correlate with his previous, these kind of guys are very good at;

• Excuses

• Pretends 

• Regrets

• Apology

Some make promises he knows he won't keep while others do make promises they forget they do. 

"Be careful of these set of guys for they are very good at covering their tracks"

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