8 Responsibilities Of A Man To His Woman

A must observe responsibilities of a man to his wife.

8 Responsibilities Of A Man To His Woman

This article is basically for the spouses about to enter the institution of marriage, predominantly for the males. It is one thing to find a woman, while it's another to enter a contract of holy matrimony and most importantly to know your responsibilities as a man to your wife.

Women are the ultimate finest asset you can acquire as a man and they can also be your dangerous liability if you don't play your role as a man. Like the wise saying: "He who finds a wife, found a good thing" can also be tagged: "He who maltreats his wife, found a great danger".

You just got married! You don't know what your roles are! There isn't anyone to put you through!. And it isn't advisable to learn through theory because you may end up losing your woman but it is expedient of you to know your responsibilities before indulging into marriage;

Responsibility #1: Care

Caring for your woman is very good and required of you, to care for her comes in many ways and will be pointed out for you. This role comes with the fact that you love her. Every man should care for his woman in these ways;

I. Provision of her needs

ii. Be there for her when she needs you

iii. Give room for her opinion and sometimes adhere to it.

iv. Forgive her always when she offends you

v. Always remind her of how much you love her.

These actions as a man put you very close to her heart and make her in return respect and love you so much.

Responsibility #2: Call her sweet names

Every woman is been moved by what they hear not saying it casually but mean each sweet names you call her. You might not see the immediate effect but you are building a wall in her heart that blocks other voices of guys that try reaching out to her in a sexual tune. If you are the type of man that don't call your wife nice and lovely names, she will fall prey to guys who will. Examples of sweet names are: " My Sun and Moon", "Sunshine", " Gem" and many more.

Responsibility #3: Surprises

"You can get any woman heart with surprises" it is a pathway to their heart. Most women are always ostentatious when you surprise them with gifts or bouquet of flowers perhaps something that will make her happy. You need to know that each surprise you show tick-tock in her heart, are recorded and always will remember each one of the surprises. It mustn't always gift all the time but sometimes you as a man can be surprising by go to the kitchen, prepare her a delicious meal, serve the table and call unto her to eat with you with a bottle of champagne or red wine at your side.

Responsibility #4: Outing

Take her out, go on a trip to places she hasn't come across before. Make sure you create exciting moments in her life, be the first to explore new things to her sight that she will always live to remember you off. Don't overlook this role for it means a great deal to her. Be flexible in your scheduled activities, it shouldn't be work all the time...make out time to take her out on an adventure. Don't make her a "full housewife" and lose her love for you.

Responsibility #5: Chastise her

There are times she could go wrong, don't be too violent on her neither should you insult or abuse her. A little scold will make her love you more and never to repeat such mistakes. Most men lose it here and end up turning their wife to their punching bag. Women generally dislike men who aren't subtle in their actions. Do not nag at her but forgive her always, for you love and married everything about her that includes her bad traits.

Responsibility #6: Be therapeutic 

She could go out having a therapist but make a sweet indoor therapist to her.

As the man, you should be able to deliver psychologically, morally, socially, and most importantly sexually even at most times when she gets fatigued of work...go gentle and sweet by being her massage therapist. You can also at that fatigue state relief her by engaging in sexual pleasure, for sex as it way of relieving one of fatigue. This action means a great deal to her and she will be forever grateful to have you as her man.

Responsibility #7: Forgive

It is the law of nature to forgive all that err you most also your woman. Every human naturally are prone to hurt another but it's important to forgive. Your woman might be a clause in hurting you...if she does, as her man you should forgive her seventy-seven times and let go of the memory, do not use such memory against her should perhaps she hurts you again. "As her man, you should love both her good and bad traits meaning also at all times love her hurt and work on it for her"

Responsibilty #8: Protection

A core responsibility of a man to his woman is the "safety of his woman".

If a woman isn't safe with her man then the man as himself to check and blame should anything happens to her. Protection can come in different ways. It is very important that a woman should feel safe or secure with her man. Example of man's protection to his woman is;

I. Fight for her

ii. Defend her

iii. Let her be at the top of your list in most things.

iv. Reach out to her even in a distance

v. Cuddle and pet her when she his sober.

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