Discovering The Right Woman For You

Am in relationship with the woman I love but don't know if she his the right lady for me...

Discovering The Right Woman For You
A good characteristics of a good woman she has

There are different ladies of unique character and so there are ladies of profane characters, an attribute perhaps inherited or developed from the environment and manner she was raised. These two, both the unique and the profane characters cohabit in the same Nationality, it then becomes so hard to identify the good from the bad.

Don't be anxious or scared, for there are many good lady with unique characters that can be of good woman to you...all you need do is to observe carefully the following; 

*  Eco system

This is a system of interconnectedness of human, organism and their environment. It is important to know of where she was raised as a child, the environmental relationship and manner which she was raised, for this play a significant role in determining a good character girl from the bad.

A Philosopher said: "Trace a good woman to her root, her environment and how she was raised" 

*  Personality

Check out, your lady kind of person, you can determine a good lady from a bad lady with her personalities, some for instances are Reserve, Emotinal and Perceptive while others are Rogue, Hardened and Stubborn when you interact with them...How is these;

ai.  Reserved

Statement: "I hate it, when you smile at matters of my feeling for you"

Reply:​​​ "I am sorry, I can't help but smile, for you look cute when you angry"

aii.  Emotional

Question: "Have you gone but, for you slammed the door at me?"

Reply: "She grasp his hand with a regretful heart and say: I am so sorry, for it was a mistake"

bi.  Rogue

Statement: "I hate it, when you smile at matters of my feelings for you"

Reply: "With a mischievous gaze at him, says: you shouldn't have brought up issues at first, making an ending conversation with a sigh"

bii.  Hardened

Statement: "Have you gone nut, for you slammed the door at me?"

Reply: "I can't believe you making a noise of this little act, you should be happy the door didn't hit you"

These are very important observation to note when relating with your spouse to determine if she's the right woman for you. Make sure to know if she his caring and loving.

*  Integrity

It is important to take mention of this because most guys overlook this trait in discovering the right lady for a woman to love. Good lady build her integrity in truth and self-composement, she hardly lie about almost every thing because she have a reputation to build and this comes along with self composement for she  understand the "law of attraction" 

*  Desency

You hardly find a good lady with an indecent act of dressing, eating or drinking and lots more. Lady's with good character dress to be addressed properly or eat not because her world his coming to an end but she's responsible and notable neither does she drink to Stupo but drink Responsibly.

You can tell her good smell from a far for she his glamorous 

*  Out Spoken

As a guy, you hardly tame a good lady because she his always outspoken and you can only be outspoken when you are cognizance of your true nature and rights.

She his fearless for she's perceptive and can't be subdued.

They always contribute positively to a guy's life and the society.

* Disciplined

Don't even think as a Guy of buying her over with your money, for she's grown void of those things and wouldn't get attached to you, flaunting her with your wealth. 

You wanna know a good lady for a woman...present sex to her at your relationship as an important part of a relationship and she definitely give no great relevant to it, for it is a lesser need for her in achieving her set goals.

They are principled and have set goals to achieve, the survivor instinct in them gives no room for immorality or distraction. 

Be wise to know that as a guy you can't discover the right woman for you, if you are also a rogue.

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