How To Get The Right Guy To Love You

You can't help understand the fact why guys are always inn for what is between your tighs...

How To Get The Right Guy To Love You

Finding the right guy to love you is a task that's time-consuming, essentially in Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Africa where the populace of guys are few compare to a large number of girls. Basically, a wide range number of guys in a country like Nigeria have a "flirt" mentality and not a genuine mentality of a serious relationship with girls. 95% of guys in Nigeria has the "flirt" mentality while 5% look towards having a genuine serious relationship mentality. So with this little per cent of guys for a genuine relationship are hard to come by.


Most girls after their previous dates with quite a few numbers of guys would want to settle for the right guy to love her, but it then becomes an impossible task, reason to this - of recent most guys consider to "flirt" than to have a genuine relationship.

You then become so mad! Feel so discouraged! Because the guys you've got coming your way are for a flirt reason. You not alone. A few measures to take, to get the right guy to love you are explained below;

•  Your Mindset

As a girl who had been in a various flirt relationship, it's necessary for you to change your philosophy and psychology about relationship and settle for a genuine relationship with the right guy. Being a girl make you attractive to a lot of guys, guys of both good and bad motives to date you. So you got to first need a change of your mentality towards a genuine date to get the right guy to love you. For example, you as a girl accept most guys that come your way on a flirt base means you now need to be more selective of the guys that come soliciting to date you.


•  Appearance

"The way you dress is the same way you will be addressed". If as a girl during your flirt times you dress in a sexual way to attract guys...that will be wrong if you still dress the same way when you are in a lookout for a genuine date. Like it's been said: " Guys are been moved by what they see". The act of you getting the right guy means you need to appear to the society the right way to attract the right guy.

Most girls neglect this fact, it is the reason why they at frequent times get the wrong guys to love them. It is basically based on the way you appear in your dressing, speech and many more ways. For example, A girl who dress to expose her cleavage during the flirt times, it is necessary to dress to cover your sensitive body parts to get the right guy your way.


•  Be Principled

Any girl with principles are focus, determined and set to achieve her goals and objectives laid out by her. Being principled means having a particular theory, following one course, beliefs, ways and lifestyles that depicts her aims. These set of girls are hardly distracted, misguided, confused or tamed by what people say or what might be going on in the society. With this factor, firstly guys love girls that are principled and secondly, you definitely attract good guys with a good frame of mind for a relationship.

These girls take into consideration with deep thoughts, advice and scrutiny of any decisions including dating. They barely have the time to "flirt", so in such manner, any guy that comes after them must be principled and proactive in thoughts, ideas and issues.


•  Love

This point possessed by a girl produces care, respect, forgiveness and as such attracts good and bad guys but putting other three points in check gives it a balance. Every guy want a girl who his lovely, a lovely girl always;

I.  Put on a smiling face

Every guy loves to see a girl that always smile. A girl who doesn't put on a smiling face attracts the wrong guy with interior bad motives.