I Don't Know Why My Home Is Broken? Here Are Few Reasons Why.

I am doomed! I can't help understand my actions anymore...

I Don't Know Why My Home Is Broken? Here Are Few Reasons Why.

I don't know what to do, for my home is miserable! What is the cause of my broken home? ... Too many questions wondering over my head but can't seem to get a clear picture as to why or what led to my broken home. I love him, I love my kids but can't wrap my head to what must have caused my broken home!

These are painful, regretful questions mothers asked trying to get an answer but the more they get inquisitive the more she gets confused. Pointing out Why your home is broken will give you a hedge to solving the problem. Here are Why;

•  Lies

This is the first step to breaking a home. At a time you begin to lie, you become comfortable with it and finally, you get addicted, having forgotten it wasn't so in the early days of your home. These lies begin to creep into each area of the home, depositing its bad seeds and then finally breaks the home. One reason Why your home is broken is that you guys can't help lying to each other. You really don't expect your home to be sound when there isn't openness among the family.

•  Secrets

Secrets are the final product of a lie. When you lie means you are being secretive. Secrets mean setting an ambush, leading your home to a dark part where it will finally be consumed of the darkness you've built. Your home won't survive in a place of secrecy because those things hidden are what contributes to breaking the home. One of the very bad things about being secretive is that it destroys you, the home and everything you built. For example, "I did a lot in my teenage age before we got married, it is a darkness I don't want to remember...so darling please let's forget it". " No". If you truly love your home, understand your husband you should feel comfortable talking to him about your past because if you don't it will come back hunting you. The power of "openness" means a great deal to you, your home and the society.

•  Hates

This is a contagious disease that takes time to leave you when you finally want to let go. It is preferable to avoid it than curing it. Hate develop when you bore lies and secrets, you get confused to think everyone has a bad motive against you. Hate destroys your sense of reasoning, makes everyone an enemy and put you to the abropt danger of life.

•  Regrets

Regret is an aftermath realisation of the possession of these three bad qualities. You begin to regret your actions, wish it never happened and get frustrated along the way. The best thing to do here is to take up the responsibility of making a change. Stop dwelling on past mistakes and stop the thought of 'no way out of the shit'...this action will consume you and destroy you and the home.

The product of all these reasons "Why" is a result of Misunderstanding in the home. You must do everything necessary to avoid misunderstanding in your home.