It Is Not Often What You Say, But How You Say It

How you say it, it's what matters the most...

It Is Not Often What You Say, But How You Say It
A nice sense of humor put you on the right track

The charming chemistry of your words doesn't really work often of what you say but how you place your words to get the desired attention or response. "You are undoubtedly a unique creature, how often have you heard this gem?". The words you say play a great deal of sureness and truth most importantly when you are in conversation with women. Your actual words are less important to the message you are trying to pass across. The most important is your tone of voice and what speaks of your body language. It's quite unfortunate that the tone of voice and body language at most times work against how do you get that working for you not against you?

The Significance Of Your Tone Of Voice

At most times you compromise your intentions toward her with your tone of voice when trying to figure out what to say. You can underpin your voice in a simple way like "shut-up" - saying it in a lighthearted way that tells a sort of amusing incredulity not making the atmosphere intense but amusing even when you mean it.

How you should say it: A Smile

A smile, whenever you talk to people, put you at the top of their heart, smiling play a major significant to one's tone of voice. If you aren't sure you know how to smile, you could start by having a record of yourself when you try smiling when talking 'in pretends' to be talking to people but ensure you do this in the private in order not to get embarrassed, do this and see if you can't notice a difference. You seriously need to try this, you have no clue how much smile can affect your tone of voice.

How you should say it: Body Language

Your sweet tone of voice , when combined with your demonstrative body language, can sure give a positive remark and intuition of your communication skill and get your recipient focused on you. What you should aim for is an open body language by getting your hands out of your pocket, hang them by your side and control your movement you make with your hands thereby making them counts and meaningful. Use your body language when you have a's another good secret of communication.

How you should say it: The Words You Use

Words used are sure important in expressing an idea and this can come in a million ways. For example: Your words expression for an interview or achieving your goals means you should avoid sarcasm or snide but replace by trying to be challenging and a little bit funny at times. Be sure to know that sarcasm has a sort of darker, meaner rim. However, with the help of your choice of words, body language and tone of voice can help you sell the things you're saying that normally you'd never get away with if you had a tougher, direct and more intense tone of voice or body language.

The moment you master your tone of voice and body language, you automatically unlock a hack that you can use to better achieve all your social and moral goals at work, with friends and of course, with girls maybe when you're out of bars and clubs. 'It's why this is worth practising regularly'.

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