Men Rule The World And Women Rule Men!

Underestimating the power of a woman is a costly mistake to commit as a man...

Men Rule The World And Women Rule Men!
The divine power is given to them to manifest positively


It is a common saying in our society that 'women are weaker vessels'. It is believed that women can be driven to suit the other gender's needs. Well, if I am to agree with this, it would be in the aspect of physical strength as in fighting, but when you talk of other aspects - be it the spiritual, emotional, financial, knowledge, multitasking, endurance e.t.c, and then I have a contrary opinion to this.

Considering the situation that brought about the creation of a woman, we are called "an helpmate", which means, he that embarks on a journey of success needs an helper and we (the woman) are the one to give such (man, person, society, country, e.t.c) an assistance. Therefore, women may be a weaker vessel in physical strength, but are powerful in other areas you can think of.

However, it is good to be factual that the power of a woman is not a means of gaining undue control over her husband. Same gender or men at large doesn't get your hopes up. Infact, it's quite the opposite. It's laying down all claims to power in and of yourself and relying on God's power to transform you, your husband, children, home, even your society at large. " This power isn't given to weild like a weapon in order to beat back an unruly beast"

Unfortunately, some women use their power negatively, whereas the power is not meant for negative purpose.

Below discussed are the power of a woman in creating a home!


Creating a home is one of the areas that the power of a woman is best shown. When a woman is married, there will always be three areas that will ultimately be her responsibility: Husband, Children and Home. Even if she is a career woman, she would still be expected to see that the heart of her home is a peaceful sanctuary, a source of contentment, acceptance, rejuvenation, nurturing and love for her family. On top of this she is also expected to be sexually appealing, a good cook, a great mother and physically, emotionally and spiritually fit! Oops! All the listed responsibilities to be undertaken by a woman and her boss at work is also counting on her output! She keeps the house clean, make sure the laundry are done, and makes sure the kitchen is in order. "These are basic things a man may not compliment his wife everyday or ever, but he will notice, if they are not done".


One major part of making a house a home is allowing your husband to be the head so you can be the heart. Trying to be both is too much of a task. God placed the husband as the head over the family, whether he rises up to take this position or not. It is God's order of things. This doesn't mean that one position is more important than the other, but they work together. If you are to be the heart of the home, you still must take the steps necessary to do so, even if you are a major contributor to the financial support. Trying to reserve that keeps a constant struggle going.


Another thing a woman needs to create a home is to become irresistible to her husband. A woman needs to ask herself some questions like: " What am I doing to make myself attractive to my husband?", "Do I keep myself clean and smelling good?", " Do I often exercise my body physics to keep fit and look gorgeous?" or "Do I eat a healthful diet that preserves my strength, watch my body weight?" or perhaps "Do I dress attractively?".

Dress for Him. Some women don't think much about what they wear, with the excuse that they're just not into the " Latest" fashion, or they will dress nice when they go to church, or out with girlfriends but forgetting to put effort into how they look for "just my husband". But men recognize " frumpy" even if we can't. Also, dress for him sexy at night too. Your husband might be majorly turned off by a "grandma" nightgown that reminds him of his mother's wear at her grey age. So invest your time in something flattering or seductive for him.

You should know this as a woman that " Part of the power embedded in you as a woman on your man is 'power of seduction' exclusively for him only".

Psychiatrists has proven that a man's most basic needs, outside of warm sexual love are 'approval and admiration' Women need to be loved as men need to be admired.

Don't forget that some men or males may be like an empty cup emotionally. He may seem void of emotions, unable to properly express his real feelings to you. Why is this? Remember that he grew up in a culture that taught him not to cry when he scratched his leg, so he learned to keep his feelings to himself. Have you ever wondered why your husband don't melt when you tell him I love you? But try say: I admire you and see what happens. 


You might be surprised at how you do some of his one request  - pick him a lunch, pray for him during crucial meeting. Just offering to do something for him will show him that your heart is tuned towards his needs.

As a woman, there are countless power at our disposal. If we harnessed and used in their proper context, we simply make the world a much better place! 

Article write up by Jumoke Olakigbe 

​​Edited by Ferdinand Abel

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