Not All That Glitters Are Gold

The mistakes of human before approving a serious conjugal relationship that destroys are been spoken of.

Not All That Glitters Are Gold
Her beauty truly glitters like gold but his her inward beauty like gold!

The matter of marriage is a very serious institution to be a part of, for its a covenant between you guys and God " a celestial being". This institution is a fine one that has been ordained by God but can be very costly in danger when you make a mistake of looking out for " a gold that glitters" only.

Respectively, not just marriage but any form of relationship. The wrong man or woman you accept to be part of your life in holy matrimony can jeopardize both your physical and spiritual being subjecting you to advert peril.

The term 'relationship' of any form has been widely practised by both the young and old most of which are void of its merit and demerit.

Most mistakes men and women look out for in a relationship are;

Beauty. For the men, this mistake made is looking out only for how beautiful or pretty she his, captivated by his lust for her beauty and disregarding other traits that are necessary to check before entering into a relationship with her.

The women, are attracted by the charming words of men, his disposition, charisma and also how handsome he his, forgetting to check the necessary traits that can jeopardize you, if those traits acquired by the guy are bad.

Appearance. It is not enough for a man to look out for a woman or lady with good body physics that make her gorgeous. It's cool you look out for that but dangerous to consider it a vital reason you went for her.

In the same view, women who only look out for how tall, huge, fair or muscular he his, not having to consider other traits fall prey to the victim of the terror he possesses. 

Fame. Oh my gosh! He his a celebrity. I can't wait for him to propose. Wrong reason. Be not be moved or carried away by his popularity. True, he might be a superstar but who is he inward, what else can you tell about who he his? Do you know his secrets do's and done's not because of fame, lose or destroy yourself or tame your destiny.

Many ladies are a victim of the "glitters of gold" guys flaunts at them...going after his wealth, disregarding to check the vital traits he possess, if it's good or bad. " If you are lost and destroyed, money will eventually be less of your source of inspiration".

Racism. This point is mentioned because evidently some guys or ladies make this mistake. You mustn't be keen to date a man or woman of your tribe, religion or nationality. Do not think or conclude that other guys or ladies of different tribes, religion or nationality are not worth you. It is very possible that whom "God" has chosen for you could be someone outside your nationality or tribe. Or perhaps you consider one's color to suit you, what really matters is getting the right guy or lady who will treat you right and love you.

"Not all that glitters are gold" the article is based on mistakes of human in considering only the outward beauty in approving a relationship having to leave or forget the most important beauty which is the inward that truly makes up a human".

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