Should I Let Her Do All The Talking?

Make an interactive conversation and be subtle and attentive to her...

Should I Let Her Do All The Talking?

You don't need a specialist to be taught how to talk to girls neither do you need a college degree. It can be strenuous to know how much of your time you should spend talking to her and how much time you should spend listening.

Most certainly, it is ok not to be sure about how much conversation is required in such situations, the points below will help point you in the right direction;

Aim for a fair share

Considering a fair share split when you converse with girls is good. As a guy, look to talk about half the time and let her talk the other half. This gives her a welcoming mood and ensures you both are engaged and given a chance to contribute in the conversation. Except in a scenario where your girl is a shy or reserved person, you may need to talk a bit more. If it is a scenario where she is a "talker", you let her go on with the conversation and listen to every one of her discussions. As a " talker" below are more details on how to handle the situations.

Begin the conversation off light

The fair share split system is important on your first talk with the girl, the reason here, these moments often come along with tension and the best way around this is to relieve any nervousness and get things on a positive note by playing jokes. The best conversation you love to have with her is when both you and the girl are equally engaged.

Create a connection

A lot of guys mess up here. They take advantage of the beginning of a meeting as their chance to "put on a show" and also let the girl see how funny, clever and awesome they are.

Here is another common mistake of guys, is the fact that they converse with a girl, thinking that just because they had a long, non-stop conversation that the girl must be interested in them. It isn't enough for you both to be conversing, you sure need to connect on a deeper level.

Here are a few things to reach that deeper level of connection:

Add emotional content into what you say, for example, talk to her what you do for fun also tell her what activities you love. Make her know how much of importance they mean to you and why you see them important.

Creating an emotional connection isn't just about you opening up emotionally but having her do the same.

If she's doesn't talk so much

It very possible to find a girl who doesn't open up, in this manner, consider these three steps to help her involved;

a. Go into playful jokes - she may quite need a bit more time to feel comfortable with you before she can now share anything emotional with you.

b. Precede her - talk to her about how you grew up and how you were as a kid, this discussion makes her feel safe for her to share her experience.

c. Make her comfortable - by telling her your reasons of asking, makes her comfortable. She wouldn't feel you are prying on her.

If she's a talker

If you are on a date with a "talker" who monopolises the conversation, here are steps to do;

I. Don't interrupt her

Let her do the talking- shows you value her and why she has to stay by giving her the chance to express herself without interruption. If you cut her off, to tell your own story might jeopardize the relationship in this situation.

II. Reply to the words she uses - like if she is telling you a story and says how fascinating the experience, reflect that back by saying something like "wow".

III. Pay close attention - don't get worried about what to say or how to respond, it will kill the connection. All you have to do is too just stay engaged, interested and curious about what she has to say or after she's done talking, give a close look at her face, wait for her to realise the look, and she says what? then you reply by saying " you look beautiful as you talk or smile".