Some Stuffs About Women You Should Have Known

Women might be many things but undoubtedly are very unique gems.

Some Stuffs About Women You Should Have Known
Her unique outer beauty depicts the inner

The Beauty Of A Woman

Women are unique creatures divinely blessed with endowement of traits that are rarely found in a man. These are precious traits hidden in them that needs to be found and unlocked by a man, this traits are like rubies or precious stones like gold, silver, sapphire, diamond and a lot more. The beauty, worth, and power of these stones are like the unique traits of a woman.

You can agree with me that human are made up of a good traits but develop the bad traits for there is an existence of a 'celestial evil being'. So it therefore makes obvious that human basically have both the good and bad traits, it is now a choice to choose which trait becomes dominant. This means that a woman also has a bad traits. 

Speaking of the beauty of women means both the inner and the outer as are being deposited in them. Some highlighted beauty of women are as follows;

Beauty #1 : Meekness

These guys are very meek in heart for they possess a soft and tender spirit, slow to anger and quick to breakdown in tears. In the human race of the males and females, they are the meekest and purest human on earth. They are built to absolve and care for a man. The tears of a woman can make a strong man weak and a rigid man flexible. When you "push a woman to the wall" - figuratively speaking, she goes sober and that is why they are referred to as the "weaker vessels" because they are meek.

Beauty #2 : Love

The power to love are majorly demonstrated and found in women and scarcely seen in men. It is proven that "man fall in love, while a woman is already in love" means they're an embodiment of is why when a man first set his eye on a woman what he first feels his love.

The possession of this trait makes them unique. They easily get hurt because of the factor of love. A major percent of kids "globally" love their mom than their father, for women are very affectionate and caring.

Beauty #3 : Power Of Possessiveness

If this power are channeled positively, you find a range number of women very capable of ruling, leading and controlling big responsibilities for they are smart, disciplined and determined in achieving a course. These guys are hardly stopped when they set out to do something. The possesive power in them drives them to do things beyond human imagination. " The primary reason women of recent aren't speaking - out is because they are being subjected". Most men are cognizant of this power, so they make sure they are being subjected, for they know a woman as more power to rule a dynasty. The possesive power also means "the power to control"

Beauty #4 : Power Of Attractiveness

This is an ultimate of all their traits, with this power if engaged negatively have the capacity to put a dynasty to absolute constraint or kios. The power of attractiveness which also means the beauty, gorgeousness they possess have a strong hold on men, the negativity of it can be used to compel, subdue or overpower. The beauty of women is like a catalyst that ignite or increases a feeling of weakness in men that result into selflessness no matter how strong, huge or gigantic the man his. A very good example deduced from the 'bible' is " Samson and Delilah".

Beauty #5 : Self - Control

This is a rare beauty. These guys are very self controlled unlike the men. They possess the ability to master one's desires and impulses and control it as they desire. Take for instance, " a guy lust in a sexual desire at a girl who feels nothing for him, while he tries going against her wish, for he lost control of himself...the girl on the other side isn't arouse neither his she willing to give-in". Women are so good in controlling their impulses and desires be it sexually, for they are blessed with it.

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