The Basic Truth About The Word "My Friend"

A friend is more of the psychological and theoretical demonstration of the highlighted factors than just its mere pronounciation...

The Basic Truth About The Word
Image shows an agreement between two people to be friends as the universe should exhibit

You don't have to over-emphasize his attitude because he or she doesn't do better than exchanging pleasantries perhaps you have to come to accept the fact that he or she don't consider you a friend just yet.

Being a friend to another or to say He or She is my friend means such a person is more than an acquaintance to you. The word "friend" has been over-exaggerated and mistaken for the word "acquaintance". To have someone call you a friend means Him or Her considers the following;

Recognition. This is exactly a state of consideration. To accept a person for who he or she his, help work on the bad characters and look towards understanding him or her.

Closure. The closure comes in many ways but in this context, safeguarding and securing one's integrity and looking out for one another. Creating a mindset of comfort when you call out unto him or her for support.

Understanding. To accept a person as my friend means you understand his or her personality and have decided to embrace it even if it comes around to hurt you. For the power to call someone my friend means you understand and comes the strong will to forgive and forge ahead together. 

To Lean On. This is a two-way authentication process. First the ability to lean on and Second, for the receiver to accept you to lean on. It is true that " No man is an island of his own" , every one need a friend he or she can lean on either in time of peril, drought or exciting moments.

Help. This also is the ability to render a service without always having to consider receiving a tip in any forms. It is called a selfless approach and this is being motivated by a strong will of considering such person "your friend".

Sacrifice. No one should consider a person your friend, if he or she won't or haven't sacrificed in any ways for you. This factor is important but as being highly disregarded and neglected by people who call themselves " friends". For example, giving reference to the Bible before "God" a 'celestial being' considered and therefore called "Abraham" 'My friend', Abraham was very willing to 'sacrifice' his only son at God's request. So therefore, every friend should have a sacrificial mindset towards one another. To sacrifice means 'to let go', 'to give', 'to pay a price', 'to forgive' and many more.

It's important to mention that in today's world, many are called "friend" but a lot aren't doing any or all of these factors in such manner many are being deceived by the confusion of the word "acquitance" to "friend".

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