Tips On How To Date The Eastern Girls In Nigeria Part A

The eastern girl are known for their beauty and physics in shapes...

Tips On How To Date The Eastern Girls In Nigeria Part A
She his the true definition of beauty

Nigeria is a country with different tribes and different tongues but united in strength. The eastern part of Nigeria which is majorly populated with the Igbo's are known for their diligence in the business world and distinctively blessed with girls of beauty and unique gorgeousness.

Theoretically, it has been proven that of the recent, Men of different tribes and tongues even as far as different nationality "fall a victim" - Figuratively, of their beauty either for a marriage proposal or to date.

Explicitly, the girls are no easy to get either for marriage or to date, for their 'dear' to have because of their high taste or price.

So how do I have to date the eastern girls;

#1. Build a Finance Prospect

It is mostly true that to date an eastern girl without financially capable is quite impossible. Girls from that region of the country have a high financial prospect and taste, most likely will say 'No', when you propose a relationship, that's if you don't have a finance stream or not working towards having one.

As a guy who wants to date one of them or his proposal has been turned down frequently by quite a few of them or perhaps you love a particular one, but she isn't recognizing your "altar call", drop the chase, try not to get discouraged, you are not as ugly as you think you are...what is required of you is to concentrate on establishing your financial literacy to building " Wealth" for yourself, then you can now go for them or after the one you love and you get a positive response even from the prettiest of all.

"Nothing good comes easy"

#2. Responsibility 

Guys omit this part in dating an eastern girl, it is solemnly not all about your 'Money', for it is that, she likewise can date other wealthy guys or someone richer than you.

But what keeps her gloomed to you, is how much of attention you give to her. If you lack this, you end up losing your money and her. "There are prices to pay for each stage of a relationship". Make her feel cared and loved, you finally get her to be yours even forever.

#3. Build Your Sex Life

Every good relationship, most times is an attribute of a satisfying sexual intimacy of both parties. You can do this as a guy by either using sexual innuendos or other sex inducement method of satisfying your girl like a " sex-chat", "sex styles" or "long night conversation".

It is very important that to any girls not just the eastern Nigerian girls only, that you know how to satisfy your girl sexually or else you lose her to someone who will.

#4.  Flirt With Other Girls

An act of Flirting in few times plays a part in dating, either eastern girls or girls of a different nationality.

If as a guy, you have the three qualities explained above and she doesn't still want to date you, then you make her recognise how much of a guy you can be, make know to her of other prettier girls at your reach, also that you are the best shot she's got before it gets too late...these can be demonstrated when you flirt not making her realise that she means a lot to you and that it's her you really want.

Most of the girls will say 'No' to see the extent of your claimed love for her and to know if you have other girls trying to reach out to you. If she understands that you've got girls clamouring to be with you, she began jealous of you, look for a diplomatic way of reaching out to you to say 'Yes'

While few of the girls will instantly say 'Yes' without having to think twice of it, for she is already craving you, for you possess the three qualities as explained above.

#5.  Take Her Out

Almost every girl of different nationality like to explore, tour and travel to beautiful and exciting places she hasn't come across, it is why the first quality " Building a finance prospect" is necessary if you desire to date an eastern girl. Beautiful places like "Magical Parks in Orlando", " Beaches and Restaurants in Miami" or "the exclusive Night Clubs in Las Vegas".

Don't go to common by taking her to the zoo or the local beach in your countryside, for she must have experienced such fun from a Guy she dated before she met you.

So be rather unique and stand out of the guys she must have come across in previous dates. Introduce her to lots of adventures and attractive places like " a walkabout The Eiffel Tower in Paris" or the attractive "National Museum in Rome" and many more.

#6.  Be of Less Coercion, but more Love

Exercising your franchise as a Guy to your girl is understandable but imposing or enforcing it on her is bad and can detriment your relationship. "Be subtle with her".

Lots of love and affection and very less coercion is best for a relationship. For you exercise your power which is a derivative of the respect earned from her. In cases of dispute, be subtle on her, for if you don't, she will begin to grow the seed of hate for you, so it is preferable to show more love in issues that might arise during the course of your relationship.

Be wise not to fall prey to her, for she will then exercise your rights as a man while you as a Guy exercise her rights as a woman which is bias.

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