Tips To Building A Successful Home

The secret to building a successful home is basically based on understanding not entirely love...

Tips To Building A Successful Home
The beauty of a home is a function of a good relationship in the home

It's a recognised fact that the head of a home is the Man, without the head the other body parts become useless. A good home is a product of a good relationship of the head to the remaining body parts of the home.

A home is a place of refuge for both the living and non-living, for the living to cohabit with love, trust and understanding. It is a point to note that the woman and perhaps kids also contribute to making up a successful home.

The current demise of a broken home retrospectively is a malfunction of an un-understanding partner and sometimes the mistakes of the kids. It's best to avoid falling prey to similar mistakes of broken homes by being informed of how to build a successful home. It's necessary to always understand how to build a good home before indulging. With few tips highlighted below will give you a clear guide on how to build a successful home;


Before you agree to marry your spouse, it was a concluded decision. For you knew that you both love each other. The aspect of love plays a little or less position in building a successful home. For example, you can agree with me that there are couples who get divorced not because of the lack of love but because they feel the opposite sex partner is crazy...this therefore give us the next point.


The aspect of understanding contributes a major role in building a successful home. For the presence of understanding between partners bore trust, trust therefore, produces the stimulant that later develops into feeling and finally grows into love. In your courtship, you have to understand oneself before agreement to cohabit in holy matrimony. Do not because of love get married to a complete stranger being void of who he or she truly his. It is an impossible task to build a successful home without an understanding foundation.


This tip falls into the decision making, financial aspect and more likely the possession of everything in the home including assets. Like earlier noted that the man his the head of the home doesn't give the man the totality of everything possessed by both couples or should the woman and kids be subjected totally to him? No!, in decision making there should be a unanimous suggestion and a final agreement. For the financial aspect let there be equity and transparency while the kid's welfare should be collectively handled by couples.


The good of being transparent as a couple and also to the kids protect the home from lies, confusion, hatred and many more. If you as a couple aren't transparent do not expect or demand the same of your kids, which will deposit deceit in their minds. A home without transparency is a confused home.

In today homes, kids find it difficult to easily express themselves to their parent, for the parent to build transparency with kids they rather deposit fear believing is the right way to train the kids and to get their demand respect. It is a costly mistake parent do to their kids, your kids should feel free to express matters of their heart to you or the life experiences faced every day. If a kid can't tell the mother about his experiences such parent will be void of happenings that the kid passes through each day, exposing him to life danger.


Be more flexible in your decisions, closure and other aspect that will act as a good aid in building a successful home. The matter of flexibility is a less factor considered by most male but play a crucial position as well as other points. Being flexible as a man gives the woman a good reason to relate anything to her man and the kids to trust matters of their heart having to know that their parent will handle the matters with chastisement not with anger that in returns produce violence. In some case where the man might be out on a trip for weeks but because he has built a flexible relationship in the home, gives the woman the opportunity to handle matters exactly as he would have done and kids will follow her lead.


Here is anotber important tip to consider when building a successful home. At the initial you got married because you needed a partner to understand and share your dreams, without this point it is quite impossible to for you to understand your wife and kids and a home where the "head-factor" isn't close to the other body parts such home fall apart. The aspect of closure is very important as it enlightens each individual of the home and brings the aspect of transparency to everyone. With this factor, you know your kid's weakness and strength and know where and when to correct them and ways of correcting them that will make them listen rather than employing violence as an alternative.


It might look surprising that the above tip contributes to building a successful home. A home shouldn't be always centred on going off to work as couples, take the kids to school and eat each meal at the dining! No, it is quite more than that, as a husband you should be able to take out your wife on an alone trip maybe during the mid-year to spend quality time together or as a father take out your kids to beautiful places around the globe...exposing their mind to good things of life. Be more of adventure to your family, it makes love more intoxicated and gives room for checks and balances. It is true that kids love fun as the wife loves exposures and adventures. As a man, do not make it work all the time but entice your family with lots of fun.