What To Do To Make Him Like You

You don't have to settle for friendship as a girl, if you like him! Wake up his feeling for you.

What To Do To Make Him Like You

As a girl, you ultimately an attraction to guys because he his moved by what he sees. If you are in the category of girls, that your guy just see you as his "booty-call"! You are reading the right article or perhaps you are in the category of girls, that you like a guy but he doesn't reciprocate your feelings! Welcome Aboard. 

It's most likely that you aren't doing the right thing to get him to reciprocate your feelings, here below are some facts to consider to make your guy like you as you do.

1. Avoid Giving Him What He Wants

You can either try this out and make him like you or be scared and keep been his 'whore'. This will work out for you. It is hard to find a guy who really likes you for who you are and wants to have something more serious 'conjugal' with you.

95% of today guys are always inn for what you can offer them or satisfy their sex urge without having to consider your feelings. The secret to these set of guys if you probably like one, is to avoid giving him what he wants 'sex'. If you take the step, it gives you a clear reflection of his feeling and here is what happens to the guy;

I. Adore and respect you

II. Tag you as a decent girl

III. Falls in love

IV. Look towards a more serious relationship with you

V. Gives you what you want or need

VI. Boast of you 

2. Make Him Crave For You

Most girls are way too easy that she instantly present her body to her guy simply because 'he his cute', 'tall', 'handsome' or 'in love'. These at most times turn-off a guy who really like you at first, thereafter begin to see you so " cheap" because of your initial disposition or for guys who doesn't like you, sees you as a 'slot'. When you make a guy crave for you, you spike a sense of feeling that wasn't there, make the feeling grow and later change his approach and mentality into a positive one of you.

It's like a chemical reaction that change the initial urge 'sex' into a platonic feeling that later grows into love that gives a desire to really date you rather than being his "Booty-Call".

Guys are very 'getty' when they see a girl that his 'hard to get' knowing fully well that he his attractive, it gives him the sense of feeling that you are the 'responsible type'

3. Flirt With Other Guys

This point is optional should perhaps the two above point doesn't really work for you. If you really like him, flirt with other guys, what it does, it send an information to him that he isn't only the cute guy around plus you are more attractive than he thinks and beautiful than he can ever imagine. It also clears your head of his thoughts all the time and reduces the tension in you.

It also make him feel that you have more competitors and you can be taken at any time.

Don't get too emotional as a girl, rather prove to him that you actually worth more than he can ever imagine.

4. Give Him Space

Distance in this scenario plays a great deal for you when you give your guy that doesn't like you a space, he begins to feel your absence, empty and develop the 'missing' feeling. If you were the one reaching out at the initials, stop it for a while, go quiet and keep a steady observation and watch your phone for it will soon " ring his call" asking you: "if you are trying to hurt him or avoid him"?.

Giving these set of guys a space, make him have a sense of feeling that you are worth a lot to him and make him develop feelings for you. Do not reach out to him until he misses your absence and he begins reaching out to you frequently. 

5. Look More Tushed Up

If you were a 'slay queen' look towards being a 'slay mama' ☺. Be more extravagant in your appearance, try to know his taste of dressing or make-up application and do it in respect to his taste. Most times the reason a guy you like doesn't reciprocate your feelings is because you haven't overwhelmed him (mostly in your appearance).

Pls, note that, 'guys are always moved by what they see'. Take your time and be the woman he wants.

6. Reach Out For A Kiss

Some guys are always not sensitive to the 'moves of your feeling' that a you display. If you are a girl that likes a guy who has a low sense of feeling then you have to ignite his senses by 'giving him a kiss'. This action wakes up his feelings and bring to his notice your feelings for him. Don't settle for friendship if you really like him, make the move, if he isn't.

You can do this, when you are out for a drink or he his talking non-stop, you stop him by kissing him once, hold on and keep gaze at him, if he desires more, you then rush his lip for a more intense passionate kiss.

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