Why Divorce Isn't An Option

Divorce isn't an option because it is not biblical...

Why Divorce Isn't An Option
Image shows a divorce letter considered not an option.

Be true to yourself of the matter of love and understanding. It is necessary that there is courtship between both spouses before marriage. The real truth and reason for courting are to reveal your true personality to each other neglecting lies, secrets, mischievousness but openness to understand first, the extent at which you love each other and understanding with the "God-factor" foundation.

Here are the theoretical illustration of a genuine relationship before marriage;

Understanding = Trust = Love

Mathematically: Understanding + Trust = Love I.e Love + "the God-factor" = unending Joy of marriage meaning a marriage void of dispute that can be resolved amicably which wouldn't result in the idea of divorce.

You don't only get married because of love but also for understanding, trust and recognition of the "God-factor" in both spouses. A perfect marriage comes with a little of everything.

You don't marry because of Love... it's sound so not true but because of understanding and your knowledge about relationship. For example, the broken homes of a woman get divorced when asks: "Don't you love your husband?" 

She responds: Yes 

Then why divorce him? 

She responds: "Because he his crazy" 

The word "crazy" means there isn't understanding.

Lol! You are mad at him, is that why you want to get a divorce? I hate him or He cheats...are not the reason why you should go for a divorce rather talk to God and love him the more.

Divorce isn't the solution, here is why;


God made it clear that he who found a wife found a good thing thereby obtaining favour from Him. He also made it explicit that He doesn't love divorce. It is not biblical. It is endangerment of your spiritual being. The derivative of divorce amounts singleness and being single doesn't entail loneliness but not being able to discover who you really are.

Here is a perfect example of God's word about Divorce according to Malachi 2:16

16: "For the Lord God of Isreal says

        That He hates divorce,

         For it covers one's garment with                     violence

Setting a wrong example

You want a divorce and you got kids! What are you teaching or telling your kids to emulate? Divorce isn't a solution of a broken or shaken home. Let both couples begin a new dating while still married, demolishing the old structure built and start afresh with new ideas, love and intimacy irrespective of how bad or old you are.

This method helps discover your new self and to understand what was omitted at the building of the previous old structure. 


This act mostly happens when you divorce your God destined Spouse as your wife or husband because of a particular issue or perhaps various issues. If you are not careful you lose it all to a single mistake. Depression often comes in a state of loneliness and if not controlled can lead to a fatal outcome.

If you truly think Divorce is your only option then let it come on the fact that you want to seek knowledge to understand the body of relationship to find a way to rebuild what is broken.

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