Why I Think She Loves Me

Assumption is fatal in a relationship when in most cases you just getting to know her...

Why I Think She Loves Me
Her beauty makes a guy want to love again

Apparently, ladies are no stone, they are emotional being with lots of familiar traits you as a guy in any form of a relationship must have observed or discovered.

Females are interesting and loquacious people to be with, they possess more soft and tender qualities that are rarely found in the masculines trait 'females are distinctively unique in nature'

They are fascinating and tends to develop feelings at the early stage for you, as a guy, if the guy possesses rare genetic qualities like;

*  Dashing masculine physics

*  Good vocal sound

*  Handsome look

*  Cute height 

*  Fashionist  and so many more

As a guy you possess these first four qualities listed above coupled with your presentation and exposure, you have the Lady's attention, here are reasons how;

*  A jealous composure

Most ladies at their first meet either a date or a hook-up or perhaps a normal meeting with a guy she likes alongside her 'maiden speech', her complement depicts traits of jealousy, to assess the guy, for example, 'if he wears a ring' or 'detailing each word the guy alters to know if the guy likes her in return'. 

Quite some few ladies hide their feelings not too get hurt only but also to be sure of what reason they meet.

*   A happy mood

Guys really don't pay close attention to a lady who at most times, when together produces un-ending happiness that can be demonstrated by her either laughing, smiling or giving a warm reply at each statement the guy alters. for example, the guy says; '' Are you independent''? She 'smiles give a long gaze at the guy and replied Yeah, i am'' or ''Do you wish to see a movie?'' She ''hurriedly respond with a phantom of a smile and say Yes'' without giving a second thought or guess about it.

*   Long night chat

''The night as a spell of awakening sexuality" with its serene environment and cold atmosphere, ladies mostly feel lovely when a guy makes a long night conversation.

As a guy, you can tell by the way she responded at each of your conversation and her resistance not ending the conversation.

*   Inquisitive nature

As you begin getting closer to her, she begins to satisfy and diplomatically ask sensitive questions about your do's and don's like "Have you being in love?", "Have you dated?", " What things about me, you like or don't like?".

Her inquisitiveness heightens as her feelings grow deeper for you.

These four mentioned above are primary reasons "Why I Think She Loves You"

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