Why You Should Not Get Married

Why You Should Not Get Married

In the past centuries dating back to the 18's, the idea of getting married was a very serious religious and respective thing to do basically here in Nigeria, every tribe as their way of going about getting their children as they are of a certain age to marry, respectively as a Male or Female.

During the period, the topic of marriage was exponential and strict, most for the males. Some tribe, the parent go and find a wife for their male child while for the female child they gave her hand in marriage to the interested man as their custom demands. 

Of the recent age, Civilisation as creeped into the ways and methods, the value of marriage is almost of no relevance. The marriage customs of each tribe as now been mitigated as the Colonization of the British brought about a new custom or perhaps a new way of living.

As for the recent age, it is important that you consider a lot of factors "Why You Shouldn't Get Married To Your Spouse".


This can be disgusting for the lack of control of it can jeopardize everything you've ever lived for. Your love for your Spouse isn't necessary. What matters is your Spouse work on his/her temperament before you consider getting married.

It's most likely that broken marriages or homes today, the issue of uncontrollable temper is playing a major role. In a marriage where a man or woman smash things deliberately or beat his wife, these are attributes of an uncontrollable temperament. 

It is wise to have such Spouse learn how to control the trait before getting married. The love he/she feels for you isn't enough and can't help control his/her temperament. 

The Lie Factor

It is a dangerous move to approve your marriage to your Spouse who lies at everything, such a person when married to, the matter of Trust can't reside in the home and in a home where there isn't Trust such a home is broken. This might look weird to you considering it a factor but you don't want to take the risk. If your Spouse is one who in few minutes had lied more than an amount you can't recall, do not hesitate to withdraw.

This factor is a genetic trait you can't help change also don't be deceived or blindfolded with your feelings. Building a home in Lies means erecting a building without a foundation. Be scrupulous to every lie you detect, he spoke...talk to him with love for a change and if he can't help it then you let go.

A Christ-Like Life

You expose yourself to a great turmoil which will result in your " State Of Oblivion" if your Spouse doesn't have the "God-Factor". The aspect of God Living in your Spouse life should be exponential to a state of living as a Spirit being on earth. You can't out of love get married to one who doesn't acknowledge his creator or fears Him " God" for many reasons. It is the biggest and regrettable mistake undertaken in life, getting married to a Pagan and having the inner thought of changing him/her.


Dignity - The Lack Of It

A dignity personified Spouse will definitely produce a Prestigious home. Dignity equal to Prestige. The lack of it in your Spouse amounts to Delusion, Irrational behaviours, Drunkenness, Deceit and many others. If your Spouse lack Dignity then you are in for a complete doomed marriage. The importance of this point put the above points in check and balance your Spouse wheel at aiming and achieving his/her goals.

Sex, A Necessity

An unruly desire for sexual intimacy should be a major cognizance before approving your marriage. Most wouldn't agree with me now, for the aspect of sex in relationships has become a wild goose chase of both genders. Bisecting this tip, here are a few reasons why you shouldn't get married to your Spouse;

* Defectant

Your Spouse as a major malfunction of urethra tube that induces a constant ejaculation of semen that can't be controlled and this can lead to many sexual assaults either before or after marriage. It's an uncontrollable desire for the victim turns out to be a cheat and becomes a problem for the Spouse. This can be seen majorly in the male.

* Lust

Many Females spouse fall prey of this misguided trait of most Guys, taken it for Love. Give a close watch at a guy who is your Spouse, how often he demands sex of you...it is a point to take into consideration. When your male spouse demands an uncontrollable sexual intimacy or at your presence, all he thinks of his Sex, watch it then. It's become a problem because his either he lust after you or he his obsessed with you and in most cases when you become a Sex Tool, he gets tired of you and dumps you, preying after someone else.

* Disease 

The sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS, HIV, the carriers are mostly human with uncontrollable sexual desires. They are prone to contact these diseases as a result of plenty of sexual intimate relationships they've indulged, most becomes void of the diseases in them. It's advisable before getting married and consummating, that you both go for a blood test and an STD test.

Do not make the mistake of approving your marriage, if you are void of these traits mentioned above or your Spouse possess one or all of these traits.