You Don't Want To Hurt Your Woman Part B

Hurting your woman makes her becomes your finest liability...

You Don't Want To Hurt Your Woman Part B
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This other part explains the harm of hurting your woman. As explained in the A part that "your wife is your Designated Partner" and the "finest asset" you can ever have. The reverse will be the case when you put yourself, kids and home at great risk if you hurt her. She will, therefore, become "your finest liability" that comes with great peril.

With no intention, I do not want to frighten you but to educate and enlighten you of the harms length you put yourself as a husband, man and oversea of the home if you hurt your woman "wife". The most faced problem of broken homes is a result of the wife being hurt and not at peace with both the husband and the kids, if there is.

You really don't want to hurt her, for if you do you expose yourself and home to;

* The State of Oblivion 

As a man or husband to your hurt wife, you become completely irrelevant, useless and forgotten by your wife. It is an unconscious state that clouds your woman instinct, judgement, thoughts, ideas, affections, and love for both you and the home and occupies her four senses to things obnoxious that will produce regrets, pains, abuses, hates, and lots more.

As both a woman and your wife, she yields power in the home that can put the home to complete commotion.

* Hate

Hate is a very deadly disease that you wouldn't want to bring into your home. The danger that accrues from hate is unfavourable for a home, it exposes you, your kids and the home to a lot of threats. If your woman isn't happy in a home, then the home is yet to fall. The power of the necessity of a woman both to the man, his kids and the home is equivalent to such power of a woman when she isn't happy in her home.

" Husbands don't hurt your Wifes" and 

" Wifes don't hurt your Husbands".

* Befuddled Kids

The impact of a hurt woman and a broken home with kids result in the kids to a confusion state. It is not possible for a kid or the kids to survive when there isn't harmony in the home.

A befuddled kid produces a vituperative act that affects society at large. The kids will now learn of their parent's footsteps, follow them and act on it having to think as it is the right way.

Regretable desires

Women are known to be very emotional being with lots of desires that can be harnessed either positively or negatively. So as a man who hurts his woman, here are negative desires that can be harnessed by her;

I. Cheat: This is a syndrome that develops in a woman when she isn't loved in her home by her husband. She goes out looking for happiness from some man who will love her than her hateful and spiteful husband. 

II. Drunkenness: While some women go into loneliness and cry others give way into drinking to stupo trying to forget the pain inflicted on her by her husband. And this acts isn't good in a home.

III. Lie: For a woman who doesn't lie to her husband at the early stage of the marriage but ever since he started hurting her, she develops the first two highlighted desires and then gives herself reasons to lie.

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