You Don't Want To Hurt Your Woman Part A

Your woman is a blessing-in-disguise you don't want too lose...

You Don't Want To Hurt Your Woman Part A
She's the finest asset, you can ever get in life

"Your wife is your Designated Partner", Hypothetically after a several wandering around with lots of girls as a guy, at a point in your life, you start being perceptive, mitigating all youthful desires and start thinking like a man...

Amongst all different types of Ladies, you must have befriended or come across, a particular "Chosen" 'Lady' or 'Woman' awaits your arrival, she becomes your "Designated Partner" you've long waited for.

Being able to love, trust and understand opposite sex you prophesy love and ask her to be part of your life is a "Blessing-in-Disguise", you really don't want to hurt. For she his among many things to you;

*  Your Pathfinder

'If you are lost?', ' You aren't a pioneer' or 'Yet to discover a path or your true self, you have been soul-searching' - you have found the right key to unlocking the mysteries of your true nature.

Scientifically and Religiously proven, 'Women are lost part of a Man', a man isn't complete if he doesn't have a woman he loves by his side. She yields a great light for you, like a guy in the pursuit of your goals and together achieves purpose in life.

*  Help - Mate

The meaning of this clause 'Help - Mate' has been widely misinterpreted and disregarded by guys. This doesn't mean she is your Puppet. You can agree with me that a man thought is quite different from a woman so as a woman thought or reasoning different from the man.

You took her in to be your wife and companion because of you;

a.  Love

b.  Understand

c.  Want to build a legacy with her, but not to subject her to irrelevancy or confinement to something obnoxious.

You can also agree with me, that cohabiting as a married couple with love and harmony definitely stand a greater chance of achieving both goals.

" A man is no Island of his own"

*  Your Gem

Building a reputable family demands finding peace with yourself and in your woman. She is precious and value that his priceless. She is to be carried and nurtured like an egg. She is to be your Queen and not your Punching bag.

When a man fails to understand these facts, then you 'place much greater risk to her', you wouldn't acknowledge her love for you, understand her thoughts for you. She becomes abstract to you, for you don't know her worth.

It is also very important that a man should consider doing dip research about "Predecessors" who had and have experiences in marriage and what to do to enjoy same peaceful and successful cohabiting as married coupled before you get involved, same applies to the opposite sex "The Lady"

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